Arts & Cultural Preservation

Kwasi Russell, Chair

The vision of the Arts & Cultural Preservation Committee is to create and maintain a repository for the historical achievements of the Minneapolis Chapter of the NAACP. The Mission for the committee is to create a 21st century platform on the accomplishments of this premier civil rights organization from 1900 - 2015 and beyond. To familiarize new members with achievements the proud legacy of struggle against racism/white supremacy and oppression in this country. For more information on this committee, email [email protected].


Child Protection

Kelis Houston, Chair / Tiffany Forslund, Co-Chair

For more information on this committee, email [email protected].



The mission of the Communications Committee is to promote the image of the Minneapolis Branch through public relations, social media and writing as a uniquely vibrant, dynamic body of the National Chapter. It is our goal to keep the community informed and aware of the organization’s mission, goals, accomplishments, events  and to make people aware of the benefits of becoming a member of the organization. For more information on this committee, email [email protected].


Criminal Justice 

Raj Sethuraju, Chair / Anika Bowie, Co-Chair

For more information on this committee, email [email protected].


Economic Development

Jeffrey Aguy, Chair

The Economic Development Committee engages and connects community members, businesses, local and statewide government for the economic well being, retention, and growth of communities of color in The Greater Minneapolis area. We envision an economically sustainable Minneapolis where communities of color take pride as active participants in a connected global economy from a strength-based perspective. For more information on this committee, email [email protected].



Carlos Rodrigo, Chair / Cynthia Wilson, Co-Chair

The purpose of the Labor Committee is to protect the rights, freedom of speech, and the overall well being of every employee in and around their workplace in Minnesota.


Behavioral Health & Wellness

Jonathan Lofgren, Chair / Ashley Aguy, Co-Chair

The mission of the Behavioral Heath & Wellness Committee is to advocate for and to improve the health and wellness of the NAACP Branch and the black community. The mission is achieved by the committee by engaging in vigilant advocacy and by providing education, resources, and support wherever possible, in the areas of preventive and primary health, mental health, and substance abuse services. For more information on this committee, email [email protected].


Prison Reform

Sharon Brooks, Chair / James Badu-El, Co Chair

For more information on this committee, email [email protected].