NAACP Minneapolis condemns Coon Rapids Police for attack on Hmong elderly woman

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NAACP Minneapolis Condemns Coon Rapids Police for attack on Hmong elderly woman

The Minneapolis NAACP unequivocally condemns Coon Rapids Police Department for the incident on Feb. 2, during which a police dog attacked Hmong elder, Choua Xiong in her own back yard and strenuously objects to Chief Brad Wise’s stated refusal to investigate the officers’ actions. We stand in solidarity with the coalition of Hmong 18 Clan Council, Choua Xiong’s Family, Hmong Americans for Justice, Asian American Organizing Project, and RadAzns.

A press conference will be held by the Hmong 18 Clan Council and leaders.

Coon Rapids City Hall

Friday, Feb. 10, 2017

1 pm cst

NAACP Minneapolis joins the call on Coon Rapids Mayor Jerry Koch to demand an independent investigation and object to the incomplete and misleading narrative being distributed by Coon Rapids Police Department. Once Ms. Xiong was bitten by the police dog and forcibly pulled out of her shed on her property, officers dragged her nearly 100 yards with her pants falling down. This dehumanizing treatment was substantially traumatic, witnessed by many, and remains entirely unacknowledged by Chief Wise or anyone else with Coon Rapids Police Department.

Police must have humane procedures for dealing with people who are unable to understand or respond to their commands due to age, mental status, physical impairments, or language issues. It is unacceptable and offensive for Chief Wise to say he doesn’t know how to prevent situations like these and call it a day.

Unfortunately, this incident and police response are part of a larger pattern of police violence and dehumanization of communities of color.

“There are just too many accounts of law enforcement officials using excessive force," said NAACP Minneapolis President, Jason Sole. "At a time when we are trying to grapple with what happened to Chad Robertson who was shot in the back by police at a Chicago bus station, we are also trying to get justice for Ms. Xiong’s traumatizing and dehumanizing treatment by Coon Rapids PD. It’s clear that the police are making terrible decisions when encountering people of color.”

The community deserves a full accounting of what happened and Ms. Xiong deserves to be made whole. Grandmothers have a right to be safe on their own property; lack of English fluency doesn’t render that right worthless. The full story needs to be told, and the community won’t rest until there is an independent investigation.


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  • Deirdre Darovic
    Greatly Appreciated.
    As a mother in the community, I am grateful Minneapolis NAACP is addressing what should have been taken care of by CRPD.
    This is abominable & the people of the community will not stand for anything less than a formal written apology, financial settlement & press release.