NAACP Minneapolis condemns deportations of Cambodian refugees

From NAACP Minneapolis
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        NAACP Minneapolis condemns deportations of Cambodian refugees

The NAACP Minneapolis unequivocally condemns the detention and deportation of the Minnesota Eight (MN 8). In August, the U.S. Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) detained eight men who have lived nearly their whole lives in Minnesota. The MN 8 are Cambodian citizens that arrived here legally as child refugees: grew up here, have relatives here, raised families here, and are part of the community here. Nonetheless, last week four of the MN 8 were put on a chartered plane to Cambodia, leaving behind families and loved ones struggling to cope.

The justification for ICE detaining these men is that they were previously convicted of crimes. Even though some of these crimes were relatively trivial (for example, one man was convicted of breaking three windows), the MN 8 had their green cards revoked while being permitted to stay. For years they did their due diligence by checking in with ICE, but that routine abruptly and randomly ended last summer.

Of the four MN 8 not yet deported, one has now been released by court order. Three have been granted temporary stays of deportation but are still being detained. One currently faces deportation at any time.

The NAACP Minneapolis calls for; the immediate return of the four MN 8 who were cruelly deported, for a halt to deportation proceedings that are ongoing against one of the MN 8, and for permanent residency status to be restored to all of the MN 8. Decades ago, these men arrived as child refugees, “homeless and tempest-tossed”, and our nation opened “the golden door” and committed to treating them fairly and to provide them with the opportunity of a new life. The impulsive actions of ICE violate that commitment. The MN 8 were raised in Minnesota and are part of the Minnesota communtiy, this is their home, and we stand with them.


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  • Michelle Jackson
    Dear NAACP, Thank you so much for your post and for your sincere understanding . My children’s uncle Phoeuy Chuon was deported to Cambodia at the end of March. He is in a country he has never even been too. His deportation is not only hard for us, but extremely hard for his immediate family. Please help bring these men home to the only country they have ever known and to their families who need them. Phoeuy is a wonderful man, hard working and always willing to help others. I trust and have faith that this isn’t the end of the road not only for him, but the others. I ask that you please continue to help us so that he can be return home, here with us, his family. I will be contacting to see what resources are available to assist me in bringing him back home where he is safe and loved. Again, thank to us from the bottom of my heart . I appreciate you and anything we can do to bring them home.
  • Cameo Garza
    Dear NAACP, I thank you for your thoughts and care regarding the Mn8. any type of help in any form we are thankful for. I speak in regards to my friend Phoeuy Chuon who has already been deported. I am trying to keep the faith and have hope. His story cannot be over, this is not the end of his road ! I asked you to please continue to help us so he may come back home. I will be contacting your office I am looking for any resources that may help bring them back home with their families and friends where they belong. again I thank you for stepping in !!